North Central College - Naperville, IL
Innovation and responsiveness represent the hallmarks of North Central College’s graduate programs in education
“It’s always about the kids and it’s always been about the kids.” That philosophy is the inspiration for Nick Guido ’09.
20 years after its launch, Junior/Senior Scholars has evolved into a multi-faceted program for 400 pupils in grades K-12, who benefit from tutoring.
Teaching a seminar about the Chicago media in 2004 resulted in an unexpected outcome for Steve Macek, associate professor of speech communication.
North Central College celebrated the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama along with the rest of the world.
Years of dedication to athletic training education at North Central College and to the profession have resulted in special recognition for Heidi Matthews, assoc
Satyan Devadoss ’93, a nationally recognized educator and mathematician, received the Alumnus Recognition Award for 2008.
K. Darrell Berlin ’55, a distinguished scientist, inventor and author, was recognized with an Outstanding Alumni Award at the Homecoming awards ceremony.
Suzanne Jesse '08 discusses the way North Central gave her the support and experiences necessary to succeed.
Michael Gross talks about how North Central's wide array of student opportunities let him balance a variety of activities.
Bailey Hinz found herself wondering if she was on the right track. The faculty and staff of North Central helped her realize and solidify her dreams.
Eugenia Rakhno knew what she wanted to do: help treat cancer patients. North Central gave her the tools to get her there.
Two days a week, students jump on the Metra train and head into Chicago for an immersion in urban life. It's all part of Chicago Term.
Andrea Larson had some amazing experiences through North Central College. She discusses just a few of the great opportunities she's had during his years here.
Every spring, the North Central College community celebrates the achievements of outstanding students in academics, co-curricular activities and athletics.
At a time when shopping malls need customers and condos aren't selling, market research can help developers make decisions about how to improve their properties
North Central College's biology department was rewarded for its growing program in undergraduate research when Visick learned that he was the recipient of a $12
TV news anchor, Susan Siman '87 Marcou of Madison, WI, got a call from CBS News she recalled knowledge from her days at North Central College.
Justin Kosman ’03 recently bought a home in San Diego, but don’t expect to find him there. He’s far more likely to be in Italy, Germany, or Las Vegas.
Peter Berg ’00 came to a crossroad in his life that would’ve defeated many people, but bettered himself and got a degree from North Central College.