North Central College - Naperville, IL


Why pursue a comprehensive liberal arts education?

At North Central, we don’t just promote the values of a comprehensive liberal arts education, we live them.

How so? We study the world, its miracles and its conflicts, from varying points of view. We inform current debate with historical perspective. We think, speak and write clearly — and exchange and debate ideas in an atmosphere of mutual regard. We often teach in teams, and routinely cross disciplines in search of new knowledge and fresh insights.

We follow this approach to learning and problem-solving not simply because it’s fascinating, but because it works. And we enhance our liberal arts core with opportunities in such pre-professional fields as business, education, pre-law and pre-medicine. That’s what a comprehensive liberal arts education is all about.

Regardless of your major, at North Central you’ll cultivate and sharpen your analytical and communication skills, allowing you to master whatever lies ahead — graduate or professional school, career, service … or anything else that may come your way.

During your years here, you’ll weave together three strands of the curriculum — General Education, Academic Major and Exploration. And enhance your classroom experience with all the great internship and research opportunities available in the Chicago area.

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Tom Cavenagh, professor of business law and conflict resolution

Professor Tom Cavenagh is as plugged into his laptop, email and cell phone as the rest of us, but what he likes best about a liberal arts college is the opportunity it gives students to flee the information storm in search of something more lasting.

“In an age that’s all about what happened 15 minutes ago, there’s value in spending four years thinking, reading and writing about what happened 1,500 years ago. The dilemmas we face are not so different from those that humans have always faced. North Central exposes students to clear thinking and writing from every age.”