North Central College - Naperville, IL

Computer Science

Computer Scientists design and build software systems that operate devices from the smallest components in your cell phone and iPod to the largest satellites orbiting the globe. And, as the demand for these technologies continues to increase, so too does the need for software developers whose skills drive the next innovation.

Like many highly-rated computer science programs, our programs prepare our graduates to stay ahead of the curve, thanks to a solid theoretical foundation, a pragmatic curriculum that teaches the most widely used skills and languages, and opportunities outside the classroom, such as internships and a summer undergraduate research program.

But what sets our program apart is the understanding that software development isn't about building programs for computers. It's about building systems for people. Our curriculum helps you develop the skills employers consistently mention as highly valued, yet often absent in the profession--communication skills. At North Central you will learn to write, to speak and listen, and to work effectively with others to develop not just highly sophisticated software, but highly used software.