North Central College - Naperville, IL

Field Experience Overview

In field experiences, teacher candidates:  Preservice student with children

  • gain knowledge of the classroom environment and the role of the teacher
  • work directly under the supervision of an experienced teacher
  • implement instruction from written lesson plans
  • assist the teacher with classroom instruction and management tasks
  • interact one-to-one with students, study classroom activities and teacher-student interactions
  • learn from “best practices”
  • examine their own philosophy of teaching and consider the practices they will use in their own classroom
  • determine the appropriateness of teaching as a career, and allows the cooperating teacher and college supervisor to assess a preservice teacher’s readiness for the next field experience or student teaching experience
  • integrate knowledge of their content, pedagogical knowledge and diverse population of skills, knowledge or the characteristics of students and the environmental context of learning, as well as the professional dispositions needed to be a successful facilitator of learning

In your field experiences, you will utilize Taskstream for planning (and other activities). When you create a plan in Taskstream, you will use the following format: North Central College Lesson.

Placement Coordinators
Kelli Diaz 630-637-5738
Judy Jackson 630-637-5744
Tara Sokol, Education Department Academic Assistant 630-637-5747