North Central College - Naperville, IL

Program and Degree Options

The English Studies Major trains students to analyze, interpret and write in a wide variety of literary and nonliterary genres. Literature and writing students follow a different program than the professionally oriented Print Journalism emphasis. Secondary Education teacher certification is easily combined with the major.

General English Studies Major

46 credit hours minimum includes:

  • ENG 196 Reading Literature
  • ENG 203 English Literature to 1660
  • ENG 205 18th Century Literature
  • ENG 207 19th & 20th Century American Literature
  • ENG 209 19th & 20th Century British Literature
  • ENG 265 Style

Choice of 1 additional 200-level writing course:

             -  ENG 200 Writing Across Media
             -  ENG 270 Writing, Rhetoric, and Culture
             -  ENG 275 Introduction to Creative Writing, or
             -  ENG 285 Writing Theories & Practices

  • ENG 350 In Theory
  • ENG 370 Language & Linguistics
  • ENG 480 Senior Portfolio (1 credit hour)
  • Upper Level Electives: 6 additional courses (18 credit hours) at the 300- and 400-level, of which at least 2 courses must be at the 400-level.

Students may elect to specialize in either Writing or Literature at the upper level, earning a concentration designation in either of these areas. The requirements for the concentrations are as follows:

Writing Concentration

Of the 6 upper level electives, at least 4 courses must be in Writing and at least 2 courses must be 400-level.  You may also gain practicum credit and experience working on either our humor journal, The Kindling, or our national undergraduate creative writing journal, The NCC Review.

Literature Concentration

Of the 6 upper level electives, at least 4 must be in Literature and include ENG 407 Seminar in Selected Authors and a choice of a 400-level Seminar in either Drama, Fiction, or Poetry.

English Studies Major with Journalism Emphasis

In addition to traditional English Studies in literature, language, linguistics, and creative writing, we offer a Journalism Emphasis which requires a minimum of 43 credit hours. Students in Journalism begin with a literature core and then concentrate their writing in the area of news media. Many of our students intending to work professionally in a variety of media supplement their Journalism Emphasis with a major or minor in Interactive Media Studies.

  • 4 200-level courses in Literature
  • 6 courses in Journalism electives
  • ENG 365 Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing
  • 1 of the following courses: ENG 265, ENG 360, ENG 465
  • Typically three terms working on The NCC Chronicle

Minors are available in English Studies, English-Writing, and Journalism. See catalog for more information.