North Central College - Naperville, IL

Program and Degree Options

You can successfully combine a minor in gender and women’s studies with courses and programs of study in any field. Some of our recent graduates have also completed programs of study in education, history, English and journalism, psychology, speech communication, religious studies and sociology.  Not all courses are offered every year. Check Merlin, our searchable course schedule, to see which courses are being offered in upcoming terms.

For the minor, you will take 21 course hours comprising a mixture of foundational courses offered through the GWS program and electives housed in departments such as English, history, sociology, political science and speech communication.

Required courses are:

GWS 100     Introduction to Sex, Gender and Sexuality

GWS 370     Feminisms

GWS 375     Theories of Gender and Sexuality

GWS 497     Internship -or-

GWS 499     Independent Study

 An additional 9 credit hours from the following GWS and elective courses:

GWS 210     Gender Studies

GWS 220     Family

GWS 230     Gender in Judeo-Christian Traditions*

GWS 250     U.S. Women’s History

GWS 280     Women and  Literature

GWS 301     Human Sexuality:  A Clash of Values*

GWS 312     Women and American Politics*

GWS 350     Gender and World Religions*

GWS 389     Gender and the Mass Media

GWS 390     Intercultural Seminar in Gender & Women’s Studies*

GWS 395     LEV Seminar in Gender & Women’s Studies*

GWS 497     Internship

GWS 499     Independent Study

ENG 307     Studies in Literature of Cultural Identity

ENG 405     Seminar in Poetry

ENG 409     Seminar in Theory

HPE 272     Sport and Art

IDS 390      Topics

IDS 460      Gender & Art*

IDS 490      Seminar*

LEV 495      Applied Leadership

PSY 400     Psychology of Women

PSC 313     Politics of Race, Gender, and Class*

SCI  350     Women in Science*

SPN 490     Gender & Power in Latin American Performance

 * Courses that fulfill the religion and ethics, LEV, or intercultural general education requirement.

Faculty from all areas of the College teach in the program. If you want to major in gender and women’s studies, a faculty member will work with you to design an individualized program that relates to your personal and professional goals.  See here for an example.