North Central College - Naperville, IL

Leadership Minor

20 Credit Hours

Intended for students interested in maximizing career prospects by developing and showcasing a strong commitment to ethical leadership. Students who minor in organizational leadership will take courses in leadership, ethics, and communication and have the opportunity to enroll in decision-making and conflict resolution courses.

For this minor you will need the following courses:

Required courses (9 credit hours):
LEV 121 Issues in Leadership
LEV 390 Seminar on Leadership Theory
LEV 495 Applied Leadership

Decision-Making and Conflict Resolution (choose one for 3 credit hours):
BUS 162 Management of Organizations
LEV 230 Conflict Resolution

Ethics (choose one for 3 credit hours):
PHL110 Ethics
PHL 210 Professional Ethics

Communication (choose one for 3 credit hours):
SPC 200 Interpersonal Communication
SPC 214 Group Process

Applied elective (2 credit hours or more):
Any applied leadership course relevant to the special interests of the student, elective subject to approval by the director of the LEV Program. Example classes: LEV 121 Contemporary Issues in Leadership, LEV Preceptor, LEV 330 Conflict Resolution Clinic, PSC 211 American Presidency, SOA 190 Urban Problems, REL 115 Christian Ethics, PSY 270 Industrial Psychology, SPC 230 Business and Professional Communication, or SPC 330 Organizational Communication Theory.