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"No citizen should ever be wealthy enough to buy another and none poor enough forced to sell himself."
Jean Jacques Rousseau

Sociology was born out of an attempt to understand social inequality in society. And for most sociologists, the goal is not simply to understand such inequality but to work at changing social and cultural worlds so as to create more socially just societies. Sociology faculty at North Central College are committed to this vision of a just social world. We have created a liberal arts curriculum that emphasis critique and renewal, on the one hand, and socially conscious and responsible career paths, on the other.

Sociology Major

Sociology Major Core Courses (18 credit hours): SOA 100 Intro to Sociology, SOA 190 Urban Problems, SOA 200 Quantitative Research Methods, SOA 201 Social Theory, SOA 202 Qualitative Research Methods, SOA 498 Public Sociology

Majors then choose one of the following tracks based on their intellectual curiosity social justice orientation and professional career goals.

Criminal Justice Track (18 credit hours)

SOA 250 Criminology, SOA 280 Race/Ethnicity--or--SOA 380 Social Class in American Society, SOA 300 Organized Crime, SOA 350 Juvenile Delinquency, SOA 490 Criminal Justice, & one course from the following: LEV 230 Conflict Resolution, PSY 280 Drugs and Behavior, PSC 336 Civil Rights, Liberties, and Justice

This sequence of courses will challenge you to think critically about the causes of and the responses to crime in society. You will be presented with the most current thinking and research about these issues and be able to speak with a variety of professionals in the criminal justice field - from FBI agents, to street gang police officers, to organized crime researches.

Community Studies Track (18 credit hours)

SOA 203 Community Studies, SOA 280 Race/Ethnicity, SOA 375 Protest and Change, SOA 380 Social Class in American Society, SOA 494 Chicago Field Study, and one of the following: HST 210 City Life, HST 325 American Cities and Suburbs, PSC 345 Economic and Social Justice, PSY 330 Community Psychology, ENG 350 Writing for Social Change

The Community Studies Track is ideal for students who have interests in urban affairs, social service, and or in advocating for and learning from those groups who are in disadvantaged positions. It incorporates courses from a a variety of disciplines what will heighten your awareness of social problems and equip you with the tools to bring about social change.

General Concentration (12 credit hours)

At lest 12 credit hours within SOA, of which 6 credit hours must be at the 300-level or above.

This track is for students who prefer a more general sociological training and understanding. We encourage this track if you are interested in exploration and learning about the range of topics that interest, confront and befuddle sociologists.

Sociology Minor (18 credit hours)

SOA 100, 200 or 202, 201, and nine additional credit hours of sociology elective of which at least three must be at the 300-level or above.

Whether you're pursuing a career as a doctor, therapist, educator, journalist, politician or the like, a minor in sociology is an ideal paring. It will help you develop a "sociological imagination," which is the ability to see the impact of broader social forces on private lives.

For more detailed information, consult our catalog.