North Central College - Naperville, IL

Student Opportunities

Extra-curricular and professional activities that will enrich your Spanish education

En el campus:

You can use your Spanish on campus in real-life situations with the community or in social clubs. Fusión Española hosts Spanish-focused events such as Flamenco Month, theatre performances, dance classes, language tables and film events on campus and provides opportunities to explore Hispanic and Latino cultural venues in Chicago and the suburbs.

Raza Unida is the club geared toward raising awareness and celebration of Latino and Chicano themes while advocating diversity and academic excellence on campus and in society.

Sigma Delta Pi is the National Hispanic Honors Society in which high academic achievement among students in the Spanish Program is recognized by inviting students to be inducted and honored on the national level. International Club, Students in Free Enterprise, and many service opportunities also help to put students in contact with the Spanish-speaking world.

En la ciudad de Chicago:

Many Spanish courses include educational excursions to Chicago.  Professors often take students to the city to further examine cultural and social topics discussed in class.  Students explore key questions through professor-led trips to the Cervantes Institute, the Art Institute of Chicago, the National Museum of Mexican Art, the Gene Siskel Film Center, and the Chicago Cultural Center.  Events such as film screenings, conference talks, and author visits engage students in dialogue on contemporary issues.  Students also have opportunities to discover a variety of restaurants that offer traditional and avant-garde cuisine from Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, and Peru.  These unique experiences provide students with a deeper understanding and appreciation of literature, art, music, dance, food, language, society, and politics in Spain and Latin America 




Elena Poniatowska winner of the Premio Cervantes 2013.  

Professor Sanchez, Spanish student Leea LoPresti, and a friend.

En el extranjero:

Fall and winter/spring long term study abroad opportunities in Spain and Latin America enrich and enhance cultural and linguistic proficiency.  Spanish program students may also take advantage of the two week winter December term course offerings to travel to Ibero-American destinations to earn three academic credits in these accelerated courses.



Haley Kirk '13 (Dixon, IL.)
Machu Picchu, Peru


Carlee Fields '14 (Clinton, IL.)
Barcelona BCF Stadium


D-term Travel-Study Courses -- Three Weeks, Three Credits!

Faculty Members in the Spanish Program have accompanied NCC students to:

  • Spain (2016, 2015, 2014)
  • Uruguay and Argentina (2014 & 2013)
  • Costa Rica (2013)
  • Honduras (2013)
  • Brazil (2011)
  • Costa Rica (2011) 

D-term Verandah Courses

  • The Cultural Expression of Flamenco
  • Discover Spain in America
  • Language Cocktails:  Mixing Languages with Taste


Chicago Picasso in Daley Plaza


Flamenco Festival at NCC!

Upcoming in May 2016

The Spanish club Fusión Española hosts the annual flamenco festival on campus which features a month-long program of exciting events: lectures, films, dance classes, photography exhibit, excursions, and shows. For more information, contact Professor Jelena Sanchez, or (630) 637-5275.

Flamenco Festival 2010-Student Models