North Central College - Naperville, IL

Speech Communication

Presidential speeches … conversations with friends and co-workers … newspaper articles … radio banter … TV ads … Hollywood movies … the flood of information on the Internet. Communication in all its forms permeates our lives, shapes our interpersonal relationships and structures the way we view the world. Studying communication can help you understand how communication processes work, and give you the knowledge and skills you’ll need to be an engaged citizen and successful professional in the 21st Century.

We offer three majors:

Our graduates have become radio DJs, trial lawyers, actors, sound engineers, teachers, writers, television producers, CEOs and scholars. They’ve accomplished so much because their studies here at North Central trained them to be effective communicators.

As a student in our department, you’ll study:

  •  public speaking and debate
  •  radio programming and performance
  •  communication within, across and between cultures
  •  video production
  •  face-to-face and small group communication
  •  screenwriting and writing for broadcast news
  •  persuasive communication and propaganda
  •  communication law and media policy
  •  the politics, economics and social impact of the mass media

We’ll work with you to hone your writing, speaking and reasoning abilities. And we’re devoted to rigorous instruction in a responsive, small class environment.

i rock.

Ryan Manno
broadcast communication

Ryan Manno signed on as an employee at Chicago’s WKQX (Q101) alternative rock station before beginning his senior year. “I interned for almost a year and then they hired me in the promotions department.” He’s still there, producing spots and staffing live promotions for concerts such as The White Stripes, Korn and the Dave Matthews Band. As a student,  Ryan led the punk rock show every Friday at midnight on North Central’s award-winning, student-run WONC-FM. “When I toured the radio station as a prospective freshman, I knew I needed to be here.”