North Central College - Naperville, IL

2010 Honors Theses

Congratulations to the following College Scholars who have completed their Honors Theses for the 2009-2010 academic year:

Anne Adamson Executive Functioning and Physical Symmetry
Directed by: Prof. T. Sawyer 2nd Reader: Prof. N. Peterson

Kristin Arredia Dance Through the Lens of Neurology: Improving Audience Attraction
Directed by: Prof. T. Sawyer 2nd Reader:  Prof. S. Fowler

Daniel Buys North Central Cross Country
Directed by: Prof. A. Carius 2nd Reader: Prof. A. Keating

Kelly Carew Becoming a Cardinal: The First Year Experience and Organizational Socialization
Directed by: Prof. A. Buxbaum 2nd Reader: Prof. P. Schacht

Danielle Cifonie Decision Making Processes of Prospective Students to North Central College
Directed by: Prof. M. Berkland 2nd Reader: L. Hamen

Julia Fornek Pedagogical Impacts on the World of Technical Theatre, Singapore, and North Central College
Directed by: Prof. B. Lynch 2nd Reader: Prof. R. Guzman

Sunbir Gill Haitian Vodou -- Beyond Religion
Directed by: Prof. M. Krystal 2nd Reader: Prof. H. Coon

Jeff Gimm The Effects of Scandal on Voting
Directed by: Prof. S. Caliendo 2nd Reader: Prof. T. Morris

Brittany Goudie Sinful Strides: The Dancing Ban at North Central College as an Example of Tension between Religion and War Culture
Directed by: Prof. A. Keating 2nd Reader: Prof. Z. Jack

Angela Hager The Decline of the Family Dinner
Directed by: Prof. S. Caliendo 2nd Reader: Prof. E. Spencer

Sidra Hamidi The Politics of Resistance: An Assessment of the Narmada Bachao Andolan
Directed by: Prof. M. Bohrer 2nd Reader: Prof. W. Muck

Heather Harris Developing a Picture of the Devil: The Use of Demonic Imagery in England's Churches
Directed by: Prof. D. Fisher 2nd Reader: Prof. W. Koenig

Jen John Stereotyped Narratives and Racial Interpretations of the Protagonist
Directed by: Prof. H. Coon 2nd Reader: Prof. S. Caliendo

Sarah Kurpiel Characters Staging Romance in the Poetry of John Keats
Directed by: Prof. M. Bohrer 2nd Reader: Prof. S. Hand

Christina Lorenzo The Art of Square Dancing: Math in Motion
Directed by: Prof. D. Schmitz 2nd Reader: Prof. K. Kelley

Priscilla Martinez Increasing Standards of Living Through Microfinance
Directed by: Prof. T. Cavenagh 2nd Reader: W. Muck

Kimberly Moulos The Agony of Ambiguity: An Analysis of Divine Command Theory and Belief in Biblical Infallibility among Christian Fundamentalists in the U.S.
Directed by: Prof. W. Polinska 2nd Reader: Prof. D. Fisher

Kyle Olson Comparison of Ester Profiles in Beer Fermented from Genetically Altered Yeast
Directed by: Prof. J. Bjorklund 2nd Reader: Prof. J. Jankowski

Celeste Pille Life, Death, God, and Crayons: A Graphic Novel
Directed by: Prof. Z. Jack 2nd Reader: Prof. L. McElherne

Melissa Proulx Shakespeare as a Source for Sturm und Drang Authors in the 1770s
Directed by: Prof. S. Eaton 2nd Reader: Prof. G. Wolf 

Amy Rollins Microfinance: A Case Study
Directed by: Prof. J. Anstine 2nd Reader: Prof. W. Muck

Stephanie Ryding The Hawthorne Experiments: The Hawthorne Effect and its Modern Day Business Applications
Directed by: Prof. J. Anstine 2nd Reader: Prof. K. Kelley

Laurel White Barack'n in the Satrical World: How the Election of Barack Obama Changed the Culture of Political Satire in America
Directed by: Prof. S. Caliendo 2nd Reader: Prof. S. Macek

Hillary Wilson Effects of Increasing Light Exposure on the Root Growth of Arabidopsis thaliana
Directed by:
Prof. C. Weilhoefer 2nd Reader: Prof. K. Feiler