North Central College - Naperville, IL

North Central Review

Working for the North Central Review will set you apart: Ours is one of the country’s only national journals produced and written exclusively by undergraduates. You’ll work closely with a faculty advisor who has years of experience editing national independent literary journals and learn firsthand how to lay out, produce and distribute this semi-annual publication. You’ll also read and assess creative fiction, poetry, drama and essay submissions.

By learning to identify pieces worthy of publication, you’ll strengthen your own writing—after all, being a skilled writer starts with being a skilled reader. Exposure to a broad range of styles and genres will also enhance your own use of rich images, interesting characters, evocative metaphors and engaging plots.

You can also:

  • Earn academic credit by joining the Review staff.
  • Showcase your creativity by reading your own work, playing music or performing a stand-up comedy routine at Underground, an open mic night sponsored by the North Central Review.
  • Get introduced to the creative writing community, small independent presses and the literary scene around Chicago.
  • Connect with students on campus and across the country who share your editorial interests.
Co-Editor, North Central Review

“I’m fascinated by the art of storytelling and the rhythm of poetry, and it’s really interesting to see how each person’s work is unique,” says Drew, who focuses on writing at North Central. As a Review co-editor, Drew reads every manuscript received and helps narrow selections for the 100-page journal.

Choosing submissions has sharpened the in-depth reading skills that will serve him well in grad school, and managing a team has taught him to take advantage of the different skills of every staff member. Recently, Drew won a competitive grant-writing internship and knows he was chosen because of his experience on the Review.

“Being a part of the North Central Review has given me the chance to meet...

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