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Instructions for Abstract Submission

In preparing your abstract for submission to the Symposium, please adhere to the following guidelines.

Authors. Include all student authors on the project, whether or not they will be presenting at the Symposium. You will need to identify each student author by his or her name, student ID number, and provide graduation year and major(s). Also, please bear in mind that we will be sending all information via North Central email, and that all authors need to check their accounts on a regular basis. The first author will be the main contact for the project and will receive notification of any problems with the submission.

Faculty Sponsor. This is the faculty member with whom you have worked most closely on your project. If your work has been supervised primarily by someone at another institution or off-campus organization, you must still designate someone from the North Central faculty as a supervisor. Be sure that your faculty sponsor has reviewed and approved your abstract before you sumit it.

Type of Presentation. Please be sure to select the presentation format for your work: poster or oral.  If you are not sure which format may be the most appropriate, please contact your faculty sponsor or email

Title. Your title should convey the main topic of your project.

Abstract. An abstract is a brief statement that summarizes your presentation. It should include a brief overview of the purpose, method, and results of your research, and it should be apparent how this work is original scholarship or research. It is important that your abstract describe what has been new ideas have been discovered or developed by your work.  Please limit your abstract to 150 words or fewer. Please note that abstracts that are too long will be returned to you for editing and will delay your acceptance to the symposium. It is expected that your faculty sponsor has reviewed your submission before you send it in. In addition, your submission will not be edited—misspellings, poor grammar, etc. will not be corrected after the information is received.

Bibliography. You must include a bibliography listing the five sources that are most central to your project.  The sources should  be cited using the appropriate style for your discipline (e.g., APA style) and should include all reference information.  You cannot submit an abstract without these sources. Please consult your faculty sponsor if you have any questions about your sources.

Richter or Honors' Work:  Please indicate whether your project was Richter funded or if it is part of an Honor's Thesis.

Sample Abstract

Title: A Comparison of Explicit and Implicit Measures of Memory: Recall Versus Priming


It has been suggested that memory performance can be influenced by two distinct measures. Explicit memory measures assess how much is consciously remembered such as in the case of recall and recognition tasks. Implicit memory measures examine the unconscious realms of memory and rely on unrelated perceptual or cognitive tasks (Matlin, 1998). This study tried to distinguish the differences between explicit and implicit memory by making the hypothesis that implicit memory would lead to better performance than explicit. The explicit measure required participants to recall as many words as they could from an initial word list. The implicit measure group viewed the same word list, but then completed an unrelated task that involved word priming. Results indicated no significant quantitative difference between explicit and implicit memory measures. Implications of these measures are discussed and suggestions for improving this study are made.

[141 words]

This sample abstract was from a poster presented by Anwaar Judeh, P. Jacob Rebus,

Dorothy Targonska, Michaelene Petrulis, and Anthony Ardolino, Rall Symposium, 2001