North Central College - Naperville, IL

Fall 2012 Verandahs

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These one-credit hour courses are included in the  Fall 2012 listings under the course designation "Verandah"  within Merlin.  Be sure to change the credit option from "0" to "1" to register for credit.

VER EXP 1 Instructor: Steve Macek
Oct. 5, 13th, 2012 
Late afternoon Oct. 5, All day Oct.13th & 14th
Learning from The Chicago International Film Festival 

CFF BannerEach fall, the Chicago International Film Festival presents hundreds of films from dozens of countries around the world - most of which will never get mainstream commercial distribution - and offers attendees a rare opportunity to interact with directors, actors and producers at post-screening discussions. This course is designed to take advantage of this unique event. Over the course of a two day weekend, students will attend five different festival screenings of films carefully selected to represent the diversity of global cinema. Students will meet for a preliminary discussion about the festival the Friday before the weekend of the screenings.  The instructor will provide an introductory overview of the different films we'll be watching and students will read a short collection of background articles on the different national cinemas, directors and film genres to which students will be exposed. At the conclusion of all the screenings we will have a meal at which we'll have an in-depth group discussion about the films we've seen. Note: There will be an additional fee of $20 to cover a portion of ticket costs. Email Steve Macek  for additional information.