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Annual International Focus

Spring term 2014 Final Event in GLOBAL HUMAN RIGHTS

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All events are free and open to the public. Sponsored by the Office of International Programs and the Leadership, Ethics and Values Program. For more information, call 630-637-5132





Each year, North Central College turns its attention to a particular global issue in order to examine it in the cultures of particular regions of the world. This year, the College is continuing a 3-year series, "Global Human Rights." Several classes across the curriculum will be devoting attention to this focus, while co-curricular events (lectures, films, concerts, and art exhibits) will take place each term. The year will culminate with a special symposium in winter term devoted to poverty reduction. Students are encouraged to enroll in these specially designated classes, many of which fulfill general education requirements.


Each year, the College turns its attention to one culture, theme, or region of the world, encouraging students to take courses and participate in activities related to that focus. For 2013-14, Global Human Rights will be the focus of this collaboration. Students may choose courses that will consider Global Human Rights from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including art, biology, communication, English, French, literature, philosophy, political science, psychology, religious studies, and sociololgy and anthropology.

Fall Term Winter Term Spring Term
EDN 228 1 EDN 228 1 EDN 228 1
ENG 115 1 EDN 320 1 ENG/IMS 200 1
ENG 240 1 EDN 348 1 ENG 370 1
ENG 355 1 FRN 327 1 ENV 300 1
PSC 102 1 FRN 310 1 GLS 492 1
PSC 333 1 PSY 205 1 PSY 255 1
PSY 330 1 REL 345 1 REL 115 1
SPC 100 2 USS 300 1 SOA/GWS 210 1
SPC 100 3 SOA 363 1
SPC 317 1
THE 470 1