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Health & Safety

Your health and safety abroad, and on the North Central College campus, is the most important part of your college career. We of course want you to do well in your academics and out-of-class life, but not at the expense of your health and safety.

A great motto for study abroad is 'expect the unexpected,' and unfortunately, it is when you least expect it that accidents always seem to happen. To help you be proactive on your health and safety abroad, we suggest reading through the health and safety information given to you at orientation, this website, and direct any and all questions you have pertaining to health and safety to our office.

If you have any prexisting health concerns or require any accommodation while you're abroad, health or otherwise, please communicate this to a study abroad advisor. The more we know, the more we can help you have a successful and healthy experience abroad.

Study abroad advisors who should be contacted regarding health, safety, and accommodation are:


Kimberly Larsson                         Whitney Ewing

Director of Study Abroad                Study Abroad Advisor          

(630) 637-5289                            (630) 637-5899




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