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Reverse Culture Shock

Re-entry? Why should I care?

Research shows that the re-entry piece of study abroad is just as significant and critical as the preparation before you go and the study abroad experience itself. It is crucial that you allow yourself time and opportunities to successfully readjust back into your life both here in the United States and on the North Central College campus.

As part of this re-adjustment and re-entry phase, the Office of International Programs and your GLS 277 instructors announce several upcoming events and opportunities. Please explore each event and opportunity using the left-hand navigation bar. Also, please remember that...


as part of your GLS 277 course, you are required to:

1. Attend your program evaluation meeting

2. Participate in either the Study Abroad Returnee Retreat or the Study Abroad Re-entry Conference 

3. Turn in your final reflective project (see your syllabus for Options A, B, and C, remembering that the Scholarship Video is Option C) by a certain date.




Reverse Culture Shock Germany   Event Dates

     January 15:  Welcome Back Evening, 6-9pm, Smith Hall

     January 20:  Photo Contest entries due, 5pm

     January 29:  Returnee Retreat, 6:30-10pm, Smith Hall

     February 15:  Midwest Students Re-entry Conference

     February 24:  Photo contest winners announced

     March 7:  Video Scholarships entries due, 5pm

     April 7:  Video Scholarship winners announced







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