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University of York, England

Direct Enrollment Program - Fall Term

Two hours by express train from London, the University of York is located in one of Britain's most historic cities, recently designated as one of the UK's six Science Cities, focusing on biotechnology and IT. The university offers a wide variety of courses in the arts and social sciences. Consistently ranked among the top ten UK universities, York is particularly strong in computer science, English, history, music, social policy, social work, mathematics and statistics, sciences, business, and history of art.

University of York International Office website

NCC Eligibility Requirements:

Junior or Senior standing. GPA 3.0 preferred, with substantial course work in major.

NCC Academic Credit:

NCC students usually receive between 10-15 NCC credits for classes they take at the University of York. Of course, it depends on the course load students choose.

Please visit the following website for faculty/department information:

Make sure you meet with your academic advisor to discuss the courses you plan to take while at the University of York. There is a drop/add period at the beginning of their autumn semester to adjust your course schedules. If your final schedule is different from the NCC Pre-Study Abroad Credit Transfer Approval form, you MUST email the Office of International Programs with your final course list.

Housing & Meals:

All NCC students stay in on-campus residences. Rooms are single-study rooms a short walk to classes. Bathrooms are communal and there are kitchens and shared common areas on most floors. After successfully completing all the YORK application material, NCC students will be sent an official offer pack which will include information on how to apply for accommodation.

Students are required to provide and launder their own bed linen, pillows, duvet sets, sheets and towels. Students from outside the UK can purchase for £28 a set of University bedding and linen, which consists of a duvet and cover, pillow and pillow slip, two sheets, and a bath towel.

Meals: Students usually have a communal kitchen on their floor that they share with their other "flat mates". There are a variety of places nearby to shop for groceries and a convenient, frequent bus service to downtown York. There are also a wide variety of places to eat on campus, catering to all tastes and budgets.

University of York Estimated Costs:

Students pay tuition and a $3000 program fee to NCC.
Financial aid is applicable to this program, however all study abroad students should meet with a financial aid representative during the spring term to determine any changes/adjustments in their financial aid package.

Living Expenses:

The University of York estimates that living on a student budget is easier at York than at many universities. Students living on campus save on transport costs which can be very expensive in other cities. Other cost-saving options include a range of second-hand bookstores, student nights at most York clubs and NUS discounts at many local shops.

Please see the SAMPLE YORK budget to give you an idea of possible living costs. This is only intended to be a guide, because individual students' living expenses differ depending on their own lifestyle and choice of accommodation. Some students will spend more than others on, for example, social activities, phone calls, or clothes.

- Food/Board: approximately £53.50/week
- Meals out: breakfast = $7; lunch = $8-10, and dinner=$12-$15
- Textbooks: approximately £200/per semester
- Local transportation and social costs: £39/week
- Train to Edinburgh: approximately $50
- Laundry: approximately £6.50/per wash

Personal Expenses:

This really depends on the student. Students need to consider all personal spending money including travel! Students who have participated on this program estimate approximately $3000, including very minimal travel.

Airfare estimate: $800-$1000 roundtrip

Tanisha Boyer University of York

The biggest and one of the oldest cathedrals in England is right here in York.   You can tour not only the main building of the church, but also the crypt and the tower which gives you the most spectacular view of York.  The original site was used by the Romans who had their town basilica here.  When the Saxons invaded, the first church was built on top of the Roman foundation in the Romanesque style, later in the 1220 the Normans would build the beautiful gothic cathedral that stands today.

As a student of History I can not help  but stand in awe at such a magnificent sight.  As I walk through the church, undercroft and tower I wonder who the builders were.  The Roman soldiers who lived here what were their lives like?  Did they miss Rome, were they even from Rome?  The others who came to become part of this land how did they live?  How much effort was put into the building and even preserving of this church?  All of my life I have wanted to see the world and see how other people have lived and the things they have created.  This has been the greatest adventure because I am learning the history I love in the places where it happened.