North Central College - Naperville, IL

Grade Explanation and Use

Effective Fall 2002, North Central College adopted a plus/minus grading scale for all undergraduate and graduate courses. The grade points are assigned to each letter grade as follows:

Grade Grade Points Generally accepted percentage ranges
to determine each grade*
Other Grades that can
be assigned
A 4.000 93-100% AU – Audit
A- 3.700 90-92% I – Incomplete (0.00 grade pts)
B+ 3.300 87-89% NP – No Pass
B 3.000 83-86% P – Pass
B- 2.700 80-82% PD – Pass with Distinction
C+ 2.300 77-79% PR - In Progress
C 2.000 73-76%
C- 1.700 70-72%  
D 1.000 60-69%  
F 0.000 below 60%  

* An instructor may use whatever grade range they feel appropriate; however, if it differs from these institutional norms, the syllabus should clarify that the ranges are.


Grade Usage:

  1. The grades A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D, and F are the standard grades assigned by the faculty. The exceptions to use of these grade options are described in items 2-6 below.
  2. AU (audit) is assigned by the instructor if the student has registered for the course on this basis.
  3. An I grade may be assigned by the instructor when a student carries a course at a passing level until near the end of the term and then, because of circumstances beyond the student's control, is unable to complete it on time.  The reason for the Incomplete grade is reported to the Office of the Registrar, and a grade of I is assigned on the grade roster.  The final grade is due the Friday of the fifth week of the next term, except for Spring Term, when the final grade is due the Friday of the fifth week of Fall Term. The I grade lapses into an F if the course work is not completed in this time span.
  4. P (Pass) or NP (no pass) are options for:
    • Graduate project/thesis
    • Varsity Sports
    • Verandah
    • An internship taken for no credit (courses numbered 297, 397, 497). 
  5. PD (pass with distinction) is an option for Graduate project/thesis only.
  6. PR (in progress) can be assigned ONLY for:
    • Graduate project/thesis (courses numbered 695/696)
    • Research Practicum (courses numbered 295, 395, 495)
    • Richter Independent Study project
    • Study Abroad course work
    • Honors thesis (HON 400)
    • Credit and non-credit Internship (courses numbered 297, 397, 497) if the field experience hourse have not yet been recorded
    • CHM 495
    • EDN 690
    • PHY 450
    • Consortium exchange course work

Other grades assigned administratively by the Office of the Registrar:

  • WD (withdrew) is assigned by the Registrar's staff when the student withdraws from class within the withdrawal period (through the end of week 6 of Fall, Winter, and Spring). A faculty member should never submit a grade of WD.
  • NG (no grade) is assigned to Graduate project/thesis in progress numbered 698 or 699