North Central College - Naperville, IL

Verification of a Disability Forms

Students seeking accommodations under the law must have adequate documentation on file in the Academic Support Center in a timely manner before accommodations can begin. Although documentation can be obtained from a variety of sources, it must be from a competent, credentialed authority who can address the functional limitations due to the disability and its impact on an academic setting. Note: the law stipulates that in a post-secondary setting, a student does not qualify for services until they have registered with the disability office and have been certified for eligibility. Retroactive accommodations are never made.


In order to help you obtain appropriate information, please use the following forms. Choose the form that fits your disability and have a qualified care provider fill it out. Please bring it to the Academic Support Center as soon as you can in order to receive reasonable accommodations.


ADD/ADHD Verification Form

Communications/Language Disability Verification Form

Hearing Disability Verification Form

Learning Disability Verification Form

Medical Disability Verification Form

Mobility Disability Verification Form

Autism Spectrum Disorder Verification Form

Psychiatric Disability Verification Form

Temporary Disability Verification Form

Vision Disability Verification Form