North Central College - Naperville, IL

Admission Staff

Jessica Avila Elizabeth Appleyard
Assistant Director of Admission and Campus Visits
(630) 637-5810
Jessica Avila-Cuevas Jessica Avila-Cuevas
Freshman Admission Counselor
(630) 637-5815
Kristina Bonn Kristina Bonn
Admission Operations Manager
(630) 637-5817
Heather Breed Heather Breed
Associate Director of Freshman Admission
(630) 637-5823
Ashley Chubirka Ashley Chubirka
Assistant Director of Freshman Admission
(630) 637-5816
Nick DeFalco Nick DeFalco
Assistant Director of Transfer Admission/Head Men's Tennis Coach
(630) 637-5807
Linda Doyle Linda Doyle
Associate Director of Transfer Admission
(630) 637-5804
Chris Drennan Chris Drennan
Freshman Admission Counselor
(630) 637-5828
Ashley Dudich Ashley Dudich
Assistant Director of Freshman Admission
(630) 637-5813
Kristin Guido Kristin Guido
Freshman Admission Counselor
(630) 637-5833
Brian Johnson Brian Johnson
Transfer Admission Counselor
(630) 637-5812
Katie Lucca Katie Lucca
Graduate Assistant - Undergraduate Admission
(630) 637-5806
Randy Magnuson Randy Magnuson
Transfer Admission Counselor
(630) 637-5829
AshAnna McBride AshAnna McBride
Freshman Admission Counselor
(630) 637-5822
Jennifer McKinney Jennifer McKinney
Assistant Director of Freshman Admission
(630) 637-5827
Mandy Musson Mandy Musson
Director of Transfer Admission
(630) 637-5825
Megan Otermat Megan Otermat
Assistant Director of International Admission
+1 (630) 637-5293
Martha Stolze Martha Stolze
Dean of Admission
(630) 637-5814