North Central College - Naperville, IL

Computer Science Certificate

Database and Data Mining

The Database and Data Mining certificate provides a basic understanding of databases and retrieval of information by using data mining techniques.  Students with previous coursework in computer science, as described below, will be ready to enter this certificate area.  For those without previous computer science experience North Central College offers a one-course intensive introduction to the field, CSC 500, that is offered in summer term.

Prerequisites: To enroll in these courses at North Central College requires prerequisites of CSC 161 Computer Science II; CSC 210 Data Structures and Algorithms; and CSC 230 Discrete Structures I (or equivalents); or CSC 500 Foundational Concepts of Computer Science.


Nine credit hours:
CSC 560 Database Systems
CSC 564 Data Mining
CSC 662 Database Programming

See the Web and Internet applications program webpage for course descriptions. 

How to Apply