North Central College - Naperville, IL

Conditional Admission

Are you interested in an undergraduate degree or graduate degree at North Central College, but need to develop your English language skills before starting a degree program? If you answer yes to this question, then conditional admission may be a good option for you.

Conditional Admission: An Overview

Who is eligible for conditional admission?

North Central College offers conditional admission to undergraduate and graduate students whose:

  • academic record qualifies them for admission to a North Central College degree program.
  • level of English proficiency is lower than admission requirements.

How do I exit the English Language Institute and start my degree program?

Students who choose conditional admission must complete the following requirements:

  • Minimum one term of English Language Institute study. Students are tested and placed in the appropriate level during orientation. If a student scores well on the placement test, he or she may be able to take credit-bearing undergraduate classes while in the English Language Institute.
  • Minimum final grade of B- (80%) or higher in all English Language Institute courses.
  • Passing score on exit exams.
  • Program Director and Instructor Recommendations.

Undergraduate Conditional Admission

How do I apply for undergraduate conditional admission?
Detailed undergraduate application instructions can be found on our International Undergraduate Admission page.

Graduate Conditional Admission

How do I apply for graduate conditional admission?

Each graduate program has different application requirements. 

  • Visit the Graduate Programs website and select the program in which you are interested. 
  • Complete the application 60 days (or more) before the program start date and indicate that you are interested in conditional admission.
  • Submit the $100 English Language Institute application fee using the Credit Card Payment Authorization Form.


More information about undergraduate and graduate degree program admission can be found on our International Admission page.