North Central College - Naperville, IL

Jennifer McKinney

Associate Director of Freshman Admission
(630) 637-5827
Skokie, Illinois
B.A. in Finance, Economics, and Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management (North Central College, 2007); MBA: Management (North Central College, 2013)

Favorite thing about North Central:  The people – students, faculty, and staff.  Everyone is genuine, nice, and cares about your success.

Words I use to describe North Central students:  friendly, involved, motivated, and fun!

Why did I choose to become an admission counselor/staff member at North Central?  I have had a strong passion for North Central since setting foot on campus my freshman year – it’s just a great place!  I love sharing my experiences and helping high school students through their own search process.

Favorite Things to do in Naperville:  Walk along the river walk, go out to eat with friends, enjoy one of the many festivals:

Advice to Students:  Visit!  It's a great way to get a feel for any college campus.  We offer wonderful visit opportunities: