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3 sets of twins among record group of 98 Presidential Scholars

(From top and left) Max and Zach, Kayla and Marissa, Nicole and Natalie
North Central College’s record number of 98 Presidential Scholars this year includes three sets of twins.

If you think you’re seeing double in some of the classes this fall at North Central College, it’s not your imagination.

This year’s record crop of 98 Presidential Scholars includes three sets of twins. The Presidential Scholarship is North Central’s largest financial award based on academic merit.

How is it that three pairs of siblings who happen to be among the brightest scholars in their high school classes all ended up choosing to attend North Central together?

Craig Schwandt

Craig Schwandt is among the dozens of incredibly experienced chemical microscopy instructors at the Hooke College of Applied Sciences. He’s an expert in studying minerals—he earned a doctorate in geology and worked for NASA for many years to help analyze and identify particles from meteorites.

“The biggest advantages of studying chemical microscopy here are the hands-on approach and the fact we have an incredibly small number of students compared to faculty and a large amount of equipment,” Craig says. In classes at Hooke, an instructor will often work with no more than two students at a time, and students gain valuable experience working on cutting-edge equipment.

“We get them comfortable using methods in a very short amount of time,” he says. “Students get to apply methods right away under the supervision of instructors.”

Majors Minors and Programs : Chemical Microscopy

North Central, Hooke College of Applied Sciences first to offer degree in chemical microscopy

North Central College and Hooke College of Applied Sciences are partnering to offer the nation’s first four-year degree in chemical microscopy.

Aug. 22, 2011—North Central College in Naperville and Hooke College of Applied Sciences in Westmont are partnering to offer the nation’s first four-year degree in chemical microscopy.

Record number of students to present at national research conference

A record 38 students from various academic areas will represent North Central at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research this spring.


Contact: Nancy Dunker, associate director of public relations, 630-637-5306

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (Jan. 31, 2011)—For the second year, a record number of North Central College students have been chosen to participate in the nation’s leading conference on undergraduate research.

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