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"Blue Gold" addresses worldwide shortage of fresh water

"Blue Gold" addresses worldwide shortage of fresh water

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The College’s Cultural Events and Office of International Programs will co-host the free screening of the documentary Blue Gold: World Water Wars at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 28, in Meiley-Swallow Hall. Some business circles have referred to fresh water as “blue gold” just as oil is called “black gold.” This film features interviews with 13 specialists who address the worldwide shortage of fresh water.

A Legacy of Science-Mildred Rebstock

From the science labs of Goldspohn Hall in the early 1940s came a scientist who was featured in Time magazine and honored in Washington D.C. Dr. Mildred Rebstock was given much of the credit for finding a synthetic form of chloromycetin. At the time, antibiotics had to be grown slowly from molds and the rarity of chloromycetin (discovered in 1947) limited its widespread use in combating diseases like typhoid fever and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. That changed with Rebstock’s discovery in 1949.

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