North Central College - Naperville, IL

Speakers Recount Memories, Passion for Civil Rights Era

Dr. Cornel West, a Princeton University professor, author and lifelong champion for racial justice, was the College’s keynote speaker for Martin Luther King Week. Speaking from the same stage and lectern in Pfeiffer Hall as King did some 50 years before, West challenged the capacity crowd to have the courage to evaluate themselves—their character, prejudices, concern for the poor—using King as their example.

President's Letter: There are lots of wonderful schools. There's only one North Central College

Recently, a faculty candidate with super credentials who lives in another (far warmer) part of the country, after slogging through a wet and snowy day of interviews across the campus, asked me a question that caught me by surprise: “You’ve been here about 20 years. How come you’re still here?”

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