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NCTV produces video of author talk, campus visit by alumnus

NCTV produces video of author talk, campus visit by alumnus

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Check out the online video about Dr. Myron Wentz ’63 and his recent visit to campus and Wentz Concert Hall to discuss and sign copies of his new book “The Healthy Home,” which he co-wrote with son David. Produced by NCTV, the video can be viewed on the College’s homepage or YouTube.

Dr. Wentz gives author talk on his new book April 15

Dr. Myron Wentz, author, microbiologist and 1963 North Central alumnus
Award-winning microbiologist Dr. Myron Wentz ’63 and founder of USANA Health Sciences returns to his alma mater as part of book tour for “The Healthy Home.”

March 30, 2011—Award-winning microbiologist Dr. Myron Wentz, founder of USANA Health Sciences, returns to his alma mater North Central College as part of a nationwide book tour of “The Healthy Home,” released in March through Vanguard Publishing. Co-authored with his son Dave Wentz, USANA Health Sciences CEO, the new book offers simple solutions for making homes healthier.

Myron Wentz

Myron Wentz
Myron Wentz is among the many distinguished alumni in North Central's Legacy of Science.

Some scientists use their knowledge to change the world by advancing technology or by making new discoveries. Dr. Myron Wentz uses his scientific background to promote healing, and to help children.

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