North Central College - Naperville, IL

President's Message

On the back cover of the North Central Now, there is a simple statement: “North Central College prepares students to be informed, involved, principled and productive citizens and leaders over their lifetime.” This is our mission, our reason for existence.


The beautifully restored Victorian mansion at 28 S. Loomis Street holds a treasure trove of history—and represents a gift of the heart to North Central College by former owners Bartley and Maricela ’99 Madden. Their foresight to preserve the historic home by giving it to the College will long be remembered as an example of extraordinary generosity.

“We spent nine years restoring the home and we felt it would be best in the College’s hands—and the College would get the benefit of using the house,” explains Bartley Madden.


Leadership in the community and leadership at North Central College—those two passions are united in the dedicated trustees who shared the vision for a world-class fine arts center for a world-class city.


During some rare “down time,” Mike Hudson is sorting through metal studs that he rescued from the Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center. “I’m a scavenger,” says the College’s director of the physical plant. “We might need that for framing up some classrooms. And I also saved some black piping, which will make a great coat rack for the basement of the A.A. Smith House.”


Leaders on campus, leaders in their careers, leaders in philanthropy: Derrick ’93 and the Reverend Dr. Tracy Smith ’90 Malone came to North Central College with clear goals, honed their leadership skills and now are living the life they dreamt as young teens.

“I knew at age 13 that the Lord was calling me to be a leader of people and in the church,” says Tracy, now senior pastor at Gary Memorial United Methodist Church in Wheaton, IL.

“I always knew I wanted my own business,” says Derrick, owner of a State Farm Insurance agency in Chicago.


At first glance it may seem unusual to see Tom Cavenagh, professor of business law and conflict resolution, wearing a North Central College baseball jersey paging through a book in his office. But after a few minutes of conversation about his role as faculty mentor for the College’s baseball team the picture becomes quite clear.

“Being a faculty mentor demonstrates the whole picture of the collegiate life of student athletes,” says Cavenagh. “It sends this wonderful message that their entire collegiate experience is connected—not compartmentalized.”


Three friends who serve as editors of three campus publications share one common goal––they want to be good managers and leaders, just as they learned from great student leaders before them.


As Dr. Myron Wentz ’63 reflects upon important moments that inspired his leadership in science, entrepreneurship and philanthropy, there’s a common theme: “All my major decisions in life have been in response to ‘This Should Not Be.’”

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