North Central College - Naperville, IL

Cardinal Green becomes a Sustainable Strategy

The word “sustainability” has become much more than an abstract concept around the campus of North Central College. Managing resources in a more responsible way in a global environment is a practice that has become entrenched in the operation of the institution.

Be Cardinal Green

Students crossing campus on Cardinal red bicycles. Quick-rental cars and refillable plastic bottles. Campus-wide recycling and underground stormwater management.

The common thread is sustainability, and these initiatives are all part of how North Central College is incorporating sustainable techniques and technologies into physical campus development, along with business and work environment practices that can be replicated by other businesses and colleges.

Building Communities Near and Far

Preparing involved, principled students remains at the foundation of academics and student life at North Central College. Dozens of organizations and programs engage students on campus and complement their academic journeys—with everything from pottery and square dance clubs to a roller hockey team to long established activities like student government and the North Central Chronicle.

Sustaining Excellence: Admission

As North Central College took another major step this fall toward the Strategic Plan goal of 2,400 full-time undergraduates, a good place to start the story of admission success is with Ben Fewkes ’13. He came to North Central with 11 peers from Normal (IL) Community High School as a result of hearing the “buzz” about the campus, ongoing contact with admission counselor Ashley Dudich and successful visits. “Last year all my friends were talking about this great college they wanted to go to,” he explains. “We all ended up coming here together.”

North Central Accommodates Record-Breaking Enrollments

More students than ever before are walking the campus of North Central College. In September, enrollment topped 2,726 total students, the highest ever, boosted in part by a record first-year class of 529. In addition, the College welcomed a transfer class of 325, along with 201 part-time undergraduates. The graduate enrollment of 342 is up about 30 students from 2007-2008.

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