North Central College - Naperville, IL

Moran earns prestigious Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholarship

North Central College student Peggy Moran has earned a prestigious Jack Kent Cooke Foundation scholarship.

Author and entrepreneur Peggy Moran knows the exact moment that triggered her decision to resume her education. It was in 2008, when her college-aged daughter was hospitalized with a life-threatening condition.

“That changed the way I view the present tense,” Moran says. “Everything suddenly became more meaningful, and time became of the essence in a different way.”

Information session for transfer students is Dec. 4

North Central invites prospective transfer students to an information session on Saturday, Dec. 4, to learn about its convenient day and evening schedules.

Contact:  Nancy Dunker, Associate Director of Public Relations, 630-637-5306,

Nov. 22, 2010—North Central College invites prospective transfer students to a Transfer Information Session on Saturday, Dec. 4, to learn more about North Central's undergraduate programs with convenient day and evening schedules. 

North Central Accommodates Record-Breaking Enrollments

More students than ever before are walking the campus of North Central College. In September, enrollment topped 2,726 total students, the highest ever, boosted in part by a record first-year class of 529. In addition, the College welcomed a transfer class of 325, along with 201 part-time undergraduates. The graduate enrollment of 342 is up about 30 students from 2007-2008.

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