North Central College - Naperville, IL

Finding Real-Life Solutions with Real Estate Research

At a time when shopping malls need customers and condos aren't selling, market research can help developers make decisions about how to improve their properties. Brian Hanlon, assistant professor of marketing, uses his expertise in market research and real estate development to determine what appeals to potential customers. As a researcher and consultant, Hanlon uses customer choice modeling to determine how consumers make decisions and what factors influence their choices.

Major Grant Furthers Research on Aging

"People in the sciences are realizing that some of the very best doctoral students and medical school applicants are coming from smaller schools where they obtain more hands-on research experience," says Jonathan Visick, associate professor of biology.

In True Jazz Tradition, It Started with a Good Vibe

A good vibe led to Count Basie Orchestra alumnus, jazz trombonist and composer/ arranger T.S. Galloway joining North Central College's highly acclaimed Jazz Studies Program faculty this year.

Program director and jazz drummer Jack Mouse met Galloway several years ago when Mouse's wife, jazz vocalist and North Central instructor Janice Borla, was rehearsing for a performance with the Jazz Institute of Chicago, where Galloway arranged a song for her.

Theatre Training on a Worldwide Stage

When Will Allan ’09 learned last April that he had an opportunity to study in Moscow at the Moscow Art Theater School, he knew he’d hit the study abroad jackpot.

Extraordinary Teaching Distinguishes Ruge Fellows

A former student who recently visited David Fisher, professor of philosophy, told him that his Philosophy of Law course was among the most memorable of her years at North Central College. “She remembered being engaged, her brain was alive,” he says. For Fisher, those conversations are welcome reassurances that his teaching methods reach his students. “I know that I’ve succeeded,” he says.

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