North Central College - Naperville, IL

Course Description

Dickens & the City of London

Dickens and the City of London traces some of the most important areas of London in Dickens' life and work. These sites, so real to Dickens himself, still remain to be seen today. This program will take you to the fog-enshrouded 15th Century Old Hall of Bleak House, the site of Mr. Tulkinghorn's murder, and the tucked-away dwellings of Captain Hawdon and Mr. Krook. You will step into another century when you see the site of the Marshalsea Debtors Prison and the Dorrit Vestry of his mature novel, Little Dorrit. And of course we'll visit the Gladstone Arms pub of Dickens' light-hearted work Pickwick Papers. How is this relevant today? Many people have read Dickens in college, loved his work, but just can't find the time to read his 850 page novels. This program takes them back to these wonderful works without all the trouble.

W, 10/08/14- 10/08/14        07:00PM - 09:30PM