North Central College - Naperville, IL

Rental FAQ's

How do I find out the price of a venue?
Call the Office of Conference Services and speak to a member of the Conference Services team. They will be able to give you general information about venue pricing. Once an event has been booked and the details are decided such as equipment rental and staffing needs your organization will be given a formal quote.

Is WiFi available?
Generally, WiFi access is not available to guests on our campus. However, should your event have a necessity for wireless connection, arrangements may be made in advance of your event.

Will there be staff to assist me on my event day?
Yes. The College will review the requirements for supporting your event, and the College will assign an appropriate staff to assist you. The role of the assigned staff is to provide technical assistance to your "Stage Manager" or "Director". Your Stage Manager or Director is responsible for providing the College staff with information related to the lighting and sound requirements, so that they can take the necessary steps to prepare the venue for your show. You will be responsible for providing a person to manage ("call") your performance/show.    

Can I serve alcohol at my reception/banquet?
Alcohol is only permitted in the Wentz Concert Hall Lobby and Madden Theater Lobby. Additional restrictions on alcohol can be discussed with members of the Conference Services team.

How do I know if the date I want is available?
You can check space availability using the online campus calendar. However, please note not all events are able to be viewed by the public. For a complete listing of venue availability, please contact the Office of Conference Services.

How do I verify that my contract dates/times are correct?
Under the "Times" heading "From" and "To" indicate the total time the venue is contracted for your organization. "Starts" and "Ends" is the actual time your event is taking place. In some cases the times may be the same.

What time can I enter the space on my event day?
Under the "Times" heading of your contract the venue can be occupied according to "From" and "To" columns. Should you need extra time please contact the Office of  Conference Services to adjust your rental time.

Where can I park during my event?
While visiting our campus please obey all posted signs.  If parking on the street, please be advised there is no parking within twenty (20) feet of any intersection or crosswalk, or within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant, or any place where the vehicle would be within ten (10) feet of a driveway or would block the use of a driveway. There is no overnight street parking. During the academic year visitor parking lots are clearly marked at the entrace to the lot. The City of Naperville Central Parking Garage is available to those renting space in the Wentz concert hall as well.

Other Questions? Please contact the Office of Conference Services at 630.637.5560 or email Ken Hannah at