North Central College - Naperville, IL

Meeting/Conference Rooms

Thank you for considering one of the meeting rooms at North Central College as the location for your next meeting or conference. The College is proud of its variety of different sized spaces, varying from high end corporate board rooms to class rooms and other multipurpose facilities. The following campus locations can serve as an excellent site for board room style meetings and small gatherings.

  • Smith Hall, Capacity 200
  • Res Rec 3rd Floor, Capacity 100
  • Res Rec 4th Floor, Capacity 14
  • Cardinal Room, Capacity 50
  • Centennial Hall, Capacity 200
  • Goldspohn 20,Capacity 210
  • Swing Conference Room, Capacity 12
                 Board Style Conference Room
  • Heininger Auditorium, Capacity 75
  • Smith House, Capacity 12
  • Other Class Rooms, Capacity 20-35

For more information, please contact the Office of Conference Services at 630.637.5560