North Central College - Naperville, IL

Posting Jobs

Click here to post opportunities exclusively to North Central College students and alumni
Click here to post opportunities specifically to ISCPA* consortium students and alumni
(Consortium of 25 Illinois colleges and universities, including NCC students and alumni)

We will accept Full Time, Part Time, Internship and Summer opportunities. If the jobs require a 4 year degree, are salaried for no less than 18 months and are direct hires, we may post the position in our office as well as on our web page for our students and alumni to view. Otherwise the posting will be made available only in our office.
There is no cost for this service.

To get the opening to us:
- E-mail Career Development
- Fax us at (630) 637-5146
- Mail us at:
Career Development
North Central College
30 North Brainard
Naperville, IL 60540

Also consider posting positions (same requirements) to all the members of the *Illinois Small College Placement Association (ISCPA). Get broad and free distribution to students and alumni at 25 small private colleges and universities within Illinois. North Central is a member of ISCPA, so you do not have to post twice.