North Central College - Naperville, IL

Energy & Water

LED Lighting

In Winter 2014, new LED lights were installed inside Gregory Arena and the pool deck in Merner Field House. By changing to LEDs, the College will greatly decrease energy consumption and costs. 

Geothermal Energy

No natural gas lines are connected to Res/Rec Center and instead, geothermal heat pumps use steady underground temperatures to heat and cool the building cleanly and inexpensively. The geothermal field, located directly south of the building, contains 60 vertical underground loops protruding 650 feet into the ground. The College committed to using this type of renewable energy as a sustainable solution which reduces dependence on fossil fuels and the environmental and health risks resulting from their use. 

White Roofs

To reduce campus impact on the urban heat island effect and improve energy efficiency, many buildings on campus were constructed with white or lighter colored rooftops. The Res/Rec Center, has an Energy-Star rated white roof membrane, which helped achieve points in the LEED certification process.

Occupancy Sensor Projects

With the help of two grants from the City of Naperville’s Greener Business Program, the College was able to install occupancy sensors in offices, storage closets, bathrooms, mechanical rooms and some hallways of buildings considered to be the campus’s largest energy consumers. This project not only decreases electricity use and costs, but aids in modifying behavior in locations where occupancy sensors are not installed.    

T-8 Lighting Retrofit

All campus buildings were included in a lighting retrofit project to decrease energy consumption and costs. To date, all T-12 ballasts and bulbs have been replaced with T-8s, which use approximately 40 percent less energy and produce a better quality of lighting.

“Gone Trayless” Initiative

The “Gone Trayless” initiative in Kaufman Dining Hall is a new sustainable way of dining, which promotes healthier eating habits and reduces water and food waste. The program reduces daily water consumption by 325 gallons and dish soap use by 3 pounds.

Stormwater Management

Construction of the Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center and Res/Rec Center included extensive stormwater management plans and system development.  As a requirement by DuPage County, large underground tanks were installed to make certain the College’s property can house enough stormwater storage for a 100-year flood, which is stated to be 17 inches of rainfall within a 24-hour time period.  These tanks not only serve to reduce flooding, but provide a location for stormwater run off sediment and chemicals to settle out of the water before reaching the DuPage River.