North Central College - Naperville, IL

Endowed Scholarship Donor

Roger and Nadeane Hruby
Roger and Nadeane Hruby

The Roger and Nadeane Hruby Scholarship

More than fifty years ago, Roger Hruby ’58 believed in the value of education that for two years he and his wife slept on a couch in the living room of a converted chicken coop, with their children in an adjoining room in order for Roger to attend North Central College.

To this day, the retired CEO of CFC International, a chemical company which produces holograms, still believes in education, which is why he and his wife, Nadeane created the Roger & Nadeane Hruby Endowed Scholarship for non-traditional students.

Roger understands how non-traditional or commuter students have to face the same challenges of combining work, education and family, just as he had done in the late fifties.

Roger Hruby knows that the entrepreneurial spirit that led to his success is to be found in young people today, but that for “non-traditional” or commuter students especially, the cost of higher education may be prohibitive. This is why he has earmarked his funds for transfer students, students who work, and students with family responsibilities.