North Central College - Naperville, IL

Kiekhofer Hall / Koten Chapel

Originally built for the Evangelical Theological Seminary (ETS) in 1913, the building served as the Student Service Center for many years. Renamed Kiekhofer Hall, it has been renovated and well equipped for another 100 years. Kiekhofer Hall remains the home of the Roy Y. and Margaret Koten Chapel and includes several upgrades.

Special features of this building include:

  • new street-level entrance
  • new three-story-wing extension with elevator
  • spacious lobby and staircase leading to all three levels
  • new balcony, narthex, refurbished stained glass and redesigned entrances to Koten Chapel
  • 6,000 square feet of additional office space
  • new Dr. Howard Mueller ’58 Classroom
  • new Eastman Reading Room, in honor of the late professor of English and dean of faculty emeritus, Dr. Richard M. Eastman.

Kiekhofer Hall reopened in September 2006 after a one-year, $4.25 million renovation. Kiekhofer Hall is home to the Roy Y. and Margaret Koten Chapel and several departments, including the English and modern and classical languages departments, Office of Ministry and Service, Office of International Programs and the Office of Academic Opportunities. Learn more (PDF) about the history of Kiekhofer Hall and its features.