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Art Education

Why choose art education at North Central College?

You’ll develop your own artistic vision and foster the creativity of young people. North Central’s exceptional art education curriculum includes plenty of studio time in our top-notch art facilities. But it also addresses current issues in K-12 education and leads to licensure by the State of Illinois. Because they complete at least 155 pre-residency teaching hours, it’s no surprise that North Central graduates enjoy extremely high teacher placement rates.

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National award brings prestigious recognition to North Central’s internationalization of campus over 20 years.
North Central College has expanded its commitment to sustainability by investing more than $200,000 to replace old fixtures with energy-efficient LED lighting.
Riad Ismat, visiting scholar-in-residence
North Central College will host a free lecture Feb. 18 by Riad Ismat, Syria’s former ambassador to Pakistan and minister of culture.



  • Art facilitator, DuPage Children’s Museum, Naperville


Recent graduates in art education include:

  • Aurora school districts
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • East Aurora School District 131
  • Naperville School District 203
  • Indian Prairie School District 204
  • Plainfield School District 202
Art Education major

Phillip knew from his first practicum experience that he wanted to become an art teacher. “I knew in that middle school classroom I had made the right choice for my career. North Central’s comprehensive education program allowed me to not only observe, but instruct at every level before student teaching. These practicums were so valuable to my development as an educator.”

Philip also found North Central’s new facilities posed the perfect environment to enhance his own artistic skills and exhibit his work. “Meiley-Swallow Hall the Fine Arts Center are very creative environments. I spent countless days and nights within the studio walls, creating the finest artwork of my...

Art Education major

Annie appreciates that North Central went above and beyond typical student teaching requirements to prepare her for a career as an art teacher. All the extra experience helped her find a job before she completed her degree.

“North Central’s art education program is difficult, but it’s extremely rewarding if you work hard,” says Annie, who is now a high school art teacher at Grant Community High School in Fox Lake, IL. “The education provides students with multiple practicum experiences, which are great ways to apply classroom concepts in a public or private school setting.”

Annie chose to attend North Central because it had “a hometown feel with all the fun of downtown...

Art Education major

Jessica chose North Central for studying art education because she fell in love with historic Meiley-Swallow Hall, home of the art department and multimedia art studios. “I knew I’d be spending a lot of time there. I toured art studios before I committed to any school.”

Once at North Central, Jessica found the one-on-one attention she needed from art and education professors. “They teach you everything from kindergarten to high school art, from developing fine motor skills to advanced drawing skills.

“The art department reinforces the importance of research and artist collaboration in each project. Research builds your knowledge on materials and as an artist.”

Jessica knows she wants to...

Art Education major

Driven by the belief that creativity is vitally important, Tricia is dedicated to helping students reach their creative potential. Her North Central experience has helped her do just that. Studio art professors have challenged her to develop her own style, which she is eager to share with her future students. The Junior/Senior Scholars program, practicums and student teaching opportunities have helped her cultivate a flexible teaching style. And campus clubs have provided a robust network of friends and colleagues. Now she’s ready to change the world, one student at a time.

Art Education

Kayla has always immersed herself in art—drawing, painting and building—since she was a child. With a degree in art education, she’ll be able to share her passion with others.

“Teaching art gets me excited about a future career. It’s the only thing I see myself truly enjoying.”

Kayla worked closely with her professors to learn the skills she needs. Professors met with Kayla outside of class to teach her how to operate kilns and other machinery used in art classrooms. For Kayla, North Central’s faculty are the key to her future as an educator.

“They’re here to make sure you’re on the right path—not just in their class, but also in your curriculum as a whole.”