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Why choose bioinformatics at North Central College?

Bioinformatics, a branch of biotechnology using computational algorithms and techniques to work with biological data like DNA, is a vibrant new field. Bioinformatics is particularly important to genomics research because of the large amount of complex data this research generates.

With a minor in bioinformatics from North Central College, you’ll learn how to apply computer science skills to the study of molecular biology. You’ll have opportunities to experience how databases, algorithms, computational and statistical techniques are used to solve practical problems involving the management and analysis of biological data.   

North Central’s interdisciplinary approach is distinct. Very few other small, liberal arts colleges offer the opportunity to minor in bioinformatics.

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For the fourth time in five years, The Chronicle of Higher Education has named North Central College a “Great College To Work For.”
Construction work has begun for a new Science Center that will right-size campus facilities and transform the academic experience for students.
Dr. R. Devadoss Pandian receives honorary degree and emeritus status prior to his leaving North Central College



  • Biological scientist—develop new drugs for pharmaceutical companies
  • Molecular modelers and bioinformatic software engineer—develop bioinformatic tools
  • Biostatistician and computational biologist—analyze and integrate bioinformatic data
  • Genomic and proteomic researcher
Biochemistry major, Bioinformatics minor

“I love working in the lab and being around people who eat, breathe and sleep science,” says Grace Muganda. “It’s a great big family inside the Science Center—a real community. It’s marvelous to talk about your work with the faculty and other students. You can talk to the professors about anything, anytime. I can go to them with questions about life, worries about graduate school—anything. They really care about us.

“You can get a great education here. I completed an internship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison last summer, and I was the only intern in the group who had written a lab report fit for publication. I’m confident I can go anywhere and do anything I want to do.”

In fact, she’s well...


Brent complimented his biology major with a minor in bioinformatics to widen his skill set in a hot industry.

“Bioinformatics is booming. No matter what you’re doing in biology, informatics will teach you the computer skills you need for the field.”

With the guidance of his professors, Brent participated in a summer internship at Oregon State University. He used tree cores and fire scars to study the central Oregon fire response system in the late 19th century.

Brent plans to pursue a master’s degree and a Ph.D. His ultimate career goal is to be a land manager, working to preserve and develop land areas.

“With bioinformatics, I have a better understanding of the broad spectrum of...

Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Jonathan Visick works with students who choose to add a minor in bioinformatics to their studies at North Central College. Students will also work closely with computer science faculty.

“So much of what we’re doing in life sciences today involves looking at genes and conducting genome research,” Visick says. “Having a bioinformatics minor gives students a leg up on a host of career opportunities in science, research and medicine.”

North Central’s bioinformatics minor is a great example of the College’s interdisciplinary approach to studies, Visick says. Adding a bioinformatics minor will distinguish students who want to pursue genetics research or discover how computer software aids an array...