North Central College - Naperville, IL


North Central College has a longstanding history of "educating the educators" throughout the Midwest. Our students gain hands-on experience in some of Illinois' finest school districts before they graduate. You'd be interested to know that 95 percent of North Central's 2015 education graduates looking for employment received full-time teaching positions. Explore the many specializations offered by our education program.

* minor only

Music Education major

Eliseo received two job offers upon graduation and he accepted a position teaching music at an Aurora elementary school where he student-taught.

His story began with North Central's professors and teaching opportunities, which he describes as second to none. "Our teachers look for potential in you, not just musical expertise, and they give you one-on-one attention and freedom to design your own individual program," he says. "I set my own goals and studied voice, piano, clarinet and conducting. I also loaded all my music education classes and ensembles into my first couple years so I could decide where I wanted to focus. At larger schools with larger classes, you don’t get the chance to customize your...

Music Education major

Kimberly can barely use her fingers to keep track of the music groups she’s involved with at North Central. At last count, she was up to eight.

“It sounds like a lot to handle, but each and every one of these groups has taught me countless valuable lessons about being a performer and educator,” Kimberly says. “There are too many opportunities within the music and education departments to name, which is exactly why there’s never a dull moment!”

As a choral and instrumental music education major, Kimberly knows almost everyone in the department. That’s not uncommon, she says, even for students who are majoring in one area or the...

Elementary Education major, English Language Learning and Spanish minors

"ELL can benefit any prospective or current teacher," says Melissa, who is pairing her major in elementary education with a double minor in English language learning (ELL) and reading. "Schools today are very diverse, and every student deserves an education and an opportunity to succeed. "ELL teachers don’t need to speak a second language in order to succeed," she notes. "This minor is based on teaching strategies and communicating in universal ways. It will help me break the language barrier so that each student learns in the way that suits them best."

Elementary Education major

Each year, Naperville’s Beebe Elementary School welcomes more than 20 North Central students like Amanda for field experience. These teachers-in-training spend 20 weeks observing the latest methods for teaching reading and language arts, developing and teaching lesson plans and working with small groups of pupils. It’s an inspiring experience for Amanda. “I look forward to spending more time learning with the students and watching them grow with the knowledge I help provide,” she says.

Elementary Education major

For Amy, there’s never been any doubt that North Central’s demanding requirements for education majors are worth the extra effort.

“All the hard work pays off in the end,” she says. “It’s such a rewarding feeling to see students engaged and learning from a lesson I’ve designed—the payoff is when I see how much it’s helping someone else.”

Amy has been exposed to many opportunities that go beyond the state’s student-teaching requirements. She completed a 50-hour practicum that involved working with English Language Learning (ELL) students one-on-one to improve their English proficiency. She’s also spent two summers interning for a nearby school district. In that role, she taught students who were...