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Why choose neuroscience at North Central College?

How do humans experience consciousness? How does the brain work? What are the underlying causes of neurological and psychiatric disorders? These are among the many mysteries being unraveled by neuroscientists.

Neuroscience—an interdisciplinary study of the nervous system—advances the understanding of human thought, emotion and behavior. Neuroscientists use tools ranging from computers to special dyes to examine molecules, nerve cells, networks and brain systems to gain a better understanding of how the nervous system affects human health and behavior.

With a minor in neuroscience from North Central College, you’ll study biology, chemistry, psychology and other areas. We’re among the first liberal arts colleges in Illinois to offer the opportunity to minor in neuroscience and help you gain an edge in this emerging field.

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Two North Central College alumni pursing careers in scientific fields will share advice and expertise with students during a talk on April 9.
National award brings prestigious recognition to North Central’s internationalization of campus over 20 years.
North Central College has expanded its commitment to sustainability by investing more than $200,000 to replace old fixtures with energy-efficient LED lighting.



  • NeuroHealth Associates, Lombard, IL


  • Neurobiologist—study the biology of the nervous system.
  • Neurochemist—study the chemistry of the nervous system.
  • Neuropharmacologist—study the action of drugs on the nervous system and/or behavior.
  • Neurophysiologist—study the physiology or electrical responses of the nervous system.
  • Neuropsychologist—study brain/behavior relationships, especially cognitive function.
  • Neuroradiologist—study imaging methods such as X-ray, MRI, CT and angiography to diagnose diseases of the nervous system.
Psychology major, Neuroscience minor

Nick wants to work for the FBI as a forensic psychologist. He’s also considering graduate school. Either way, he’s fully prepared for whatever his future holds after North Central.

“I feel ready to take on the world,” Nick says. “The College offers a challenging set of courses to help me get ready for the workload after graduation.”

Nick is majoring in psychology and added a minor in neuroscience to extend his understanding of human thought, emotion and behavior. The one-on-one instruction he receives from his professors has helped him stand out.

“Along with a group of my classmates, I had the opportunity to pursue a research project under the close guidance...

Neuroscience minor

Guided by her professors, Samantha undertook a sophomore-year internship that changed her life.

“My academic advisor introduced me to an internship opening at a neurohealth clinic. I learned that as a clinical neuropsychologist I could positively impact the world,” she says.

During Samantha’s three years at the clinic, her internship evolved to a part-time position. After graduation from North Central College, she will work at the clinic as a full-time employee.

Samantha aspires to become a clinical neuropsychologist and work with military veterans. She says that the wide scope of her liberal arts education will shape her career.

“North Central College gave me an education, one that...

Psychology major, Neuroscience minor

When Jessica VandenBerg was looking at colleges, she hadn’t yet decided on a major. “I chose to come to North Central College because of its size, location and outlets for involvement like the track and cross country teams.”

Jessica competed athletically during her first two years and has extended her involvement to other areas of campus. She’s active with Focus, a weekly worship service, and has taken service trips to Mobile, AL, and Titanyen, Haiti.

As a psychology major, Jessica has immersed herself in research opportunities with faculty. “North Central truly is phenomenal in preparing students with heavy research backgrounds, especially when students seek these opportunities,” Jessica says. “I...