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Pre-Physician Assistant

Why choose pre-physician assistant studies at North Central College?

A physician assistant is a trained professional who provides diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative health care services under the supervision of physicians and surgeons. By studying at North Central College, you can experience opportunities that will prepare you for admission to a graduate program that can lead to a career as a physician assistant.

At North Central, you’ll study biology, chemistry and other subjects. You’ll be pushed to master writing and communication skills that will help prepare you to relate to patients and colleagues. You’ll get to know the professors who teach in North Central’s smaller classes, and when you need a letter of recommendation your teachers will know just what to say about you.

You’ll have opportunities to gain valuable experience job shadowing medical professionals or volunteering at nearby health care facilities, including Harbor Light Hospice in Glen Ellyn, St. Patrick’s Residence in Naperville and Edward Medical Group in Naperville.

You can also:


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Graduate Schools
Graduates have been accepted at:

  • Alderson-Broaddus College – Physician Assistant Program, WV
  • Midwestern University College of Health Sciences, Downers Grove, IL
  • Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science – Physician Assistant Program, North Chicago, IL
  • University of Wisconsin – Physician Assistant Program, Madison, WI

Graduates include:

  • Physician assistant, Hinsdale Orthopaedic Associates, Hinsdale, IL
  • Physician assistant, Central DuPage Hospital, Winfield, IL
  • Physician assistant, M&M Orthopaedics, Downers Grove, IL
  • Physician assistant, River North Convenient Care, Wheaton, IL
Pre-Physician Assistant

Mackenzie has a hard time relating to her friends from other schools when they mention hard-to-reach professors. That’s never been a problem for her at North Central College.

“My friends don’t know any of their professors and I often think about how much that must hinder their learning,” Mackenzie says. “I love knowing that my professors are available when I need extra help and that I’m not just a face. I’m a person they recognize and know by name.”

Mackenzie, a biology major, didn’t know exactly which field she wanted to go into when she arrived on campus. Since deciding to become a physician assistant, she says North Central’s faculty has “helped immensely with making sure I see my dreams...

Pre-Physician Assistant

“I was drawn to North Central for its strong science program, successful cross country and track teams and its location. Ultimately, though, it was the feeling I got when I set foot on campus for a visit. It just felt right. It was the best fit for me.”

In her career pursuit as a physician assistant, Lauren carries dual majors in biology and biochemistry. She balances out the demands of her studies by running for the cross country and track and field teams. “Being a student-athlete, I’m busy practicing and competing. I’ve experienced what it’s like being a collegiate runner and am very lucky to have dedicated coaches and professors who help me reach my goals.”

“Immersing yourself in your studies,...

Physician Assistant major

Prescribing medicine, diagnosing illness and closely working with surgeons and physicians—every decision made by a physician assistant is critical for a patient’s health. In a field where mistakes are unacceptable, Kayla says her hands-on experience at North Central is crucial.

“It’s very important to have experience with patient care,” she says.

Kayla shadowed a physician and worked with residents at Sunrise Senior Living, a residential facility near campus. She also took advantage of on-campus opportunities, attending seminars with health industry professionals through North Central’s student-run Pre-Health Organization (PHO).

“PHO is a great way to learn more about the health industry...

Physician Assistant

Alicia Carlson works as a physician assistant for Dr. Jesse Butler’s practice, Spine Consultants LLC, based in Park Ridge, IL. She earned her bachelor’s degree in athletic training at North Central, then graduated from Midwestern University with a master’s degree in physician assistant studies.

Alicia says. “A liberal arts degree tends to give a more well-rounded educational experience. I truly believe that schools seriously look at those intricate details and differences.”

As a physician assistant, Alicia first-assists Dr. Butler in surgery, schedules all surgeries and procedures, coordinates post-operative care of the patients...