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Why choose wellness at North Central College?

Wellness is multi-dimensional, encompassing the physical, occupational, environmental, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social domains of an individual. Wellness minors will receive a solid foundation of individual and community-wide wellness concepts. The optional course selections offer the opportunity for students to tailor the minor to best support their major by choosing from a wide variety of courses that reflect the different dimensions of wellness.

You can also:

  • Explore the best methods of planning and implementing positive wellness change at the individual or societal level.
  • Gain additional experience with a vast number of health and wellness professionals in the Chicagoland area.
  • Apply to graduate school in community or public health, corporate wellness or other discipline related to the fields of Health Promotion.


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Recent graduates in wellness include:

  • Personal trainer
  • Nutrition specialist
Sport Management major, Wellness and Physical Education minors

“My experiences at North Central uncovered my interests in wellness and recreation. I realized I want to get people active, and help them develop a lifestyle of fitness and wellness, and have fun doing it.”

Undecided on a major when she arrived at North Central, Kelly says, “My strategy was to get the most well-rounded experience I could in the areas of health and activity.” She soon chose minors in wellness, physical education and coaching to complement a major in sport management. “My wellness minor gave me a deeper understanding of why we’re supposed to exercise and eat right and how to do it right. It also led to an interest in working with childhood obesity programs.”

Kelly says her focus on...

Exercise Science major, Wellness minor

Casey added a wellness minor to her exercise science major when she realized how much she enjoyed working directly with people.

“You learn to teach people how to eat right, be physically active and make healthy behavior choices,” she says. “The wellness classes are full of activities and interesting topics that keep you engaged so you can get the most out of your education.”

The wellness curriculum draws from several fields, including psychology, sociology, biochemistry, health, philosophy and physical education. That’s one of the reasons Casey enjoys it so much.

“The variety of topics gives you a broad knowledge of everything that encompasses wellness,” she says.

Casey is a member...

Psychology major, Wellness minor

“Pairing wellness with psychology is a good fit. I’m learning about behavior change and why people do or don’t change so I can provide solutions that work.”

Faculty helped Abby discover that “good fit.” “My professor pointed me to public health. I realized I was interested in helping people with health concerns like obesity, nutrition and so much more. It opened many career options.”

Faculty also set her up with job shadowing opportunities at health organizations to confirm her interest in wellness. “I’m so glad I listened to my professors and their advice. It would have been difficult to change direction without their help.”

Abby found time to study abroad, conduct research with faculty,...

Wellness minor

North Central’s emphasis on health and wellness—both inside and outside the classroom—caught Jane’s attention and hasn’t let go.

By combining a wellness minor with a psychology major, Jane is well prepared to pursue her Ph.D. in health psychology. However, she feels this minor can complement any major.

“The wellness minor covers a variety of courses that help everyone understand and apply the different dimensions of health to their everyday lives.”

Jane also appreciates the wellness opportunities that North Central offers outside the classroom, like at Dyson Wellness Center—North Central’s clinic for counseling and medical services. Students can become peer health educators and help...

Wellness minor

When Carolyn first walked onto North Central College’s campus as a psychology major, she had one goal: open a private counseling practice for adolescents. However, through the inclusion of a wellness minor and the encouragement of her professors, her future has become a landscape of exciting options.

“I’m still very passionate about working with adolescents and helping with stress management,” she says. “But now I’m more open to various opportunities in a public health department and health education.”

While studying at North Central, Carolyn gained professional experience by presenting at the Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Convention and at Institute...