North Central College - Naperville, IL

Jack Johnson is senior vice president for public policy at Choose Chicago.
Jeff Edwards was named senior vice president (SVP) and managing director of Revionics’ Asia Pacific efforts.
Randy Arb is a lead systems developer in Madison, WI, for Weather Central.
Jeff Seaberg is a successful children’s playwright in the greater San Francisco area.
Gaylen R. Brubaker is a senior environmental consultant, working with major utilities and energy, industrial and transportation clients across the country.
Roger Ulrich has published a book titled “Toward Living Well With Less.”
Cory Schillerstrom was accepted into the Peace Corps and will depart for Tonga September 5 to begin training as an English education volunteer.
R.J. McNichols is pursuing a master’s degree in new media studies at DePaul University and graduated in June.
Taylor Martin is a graduate student in choral conducting at the University of Denver.
Geoffrey Clark is agate editor for the Chicago Tribune Media Group.