North Central College - Naperville, IL
Every spring, the North Central College community celebrates the achievements of outstanding students in academics, co-curricular activities and athletics.
At a time when shopping malls need customers and condos aren't selling, market research can help developers make decisions about how to improve their properties
North Central College's biology department was rewarded for its growing program in undergraduate research when Visick learned that he was the recipient of a $12
TV news anchor, Susan Siman '87 Marcou of Madison, WI, got a call from CBS News she recalled knowledge from her days at North Central College.
Justin Kosman ’03 recently bought a home in San Diego, but don’t expect to find him there. He’s far more likely to be in Italy, Germany, or Las Vegas.
Peter Berg ’00 came to a crossroad in his life that would’ve defeated many people, but bettered himself and got a degree from North Central College.
Literary agent Jennifer Flannery M ’07 says successes seem secondary to earning her master of arts in liberal studies (MALS) degree
At the Princeton University graduation ceremony in early June where my daughter received her doctorate, there was an unanticipated highlight.
More students than ever before are walking the campus of North Central College. In September, enrollment topped 2,726 total students, the highest ever, boosted
One of the great privileges of serving as a college president is that you get to know some extraordinary people, students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
A good vibe led to Count Basie Orchestra alumnus, jazz trombonist and composer/ arranger T.S. Galloway joining North Central College's highly acclaimed Jazz Stu
When Brady was searching for the right college, she never dreamed she'd end up at a small school. A native of Oshkosh, WI, she wanted to double major in French
North Central's Students In Free Enterprise again qualified for national competition, scheduled for May 13-15 in Chicago. This academic year represents the team
Location matters. It matters a lot. Every real estate agent knows this, and so do most parents and prospective students when looking at colleges.
North Central College is a great place in the middle of somewhere. The vibrant campus atmosphere and the enviable location are the characteristics that do this.
When Will Allan ’09 learned last April that he had an opportunity to study in Moscow at the Moscow Art Theater School, he knew he’d hit the study abroad jackpot
Recognition of masterful teaching came in another form for Fisher and two other professors when they were named Ruge Fellows in November. Lisa Long, associate p
It was an great year for the College, beginning with a record class of first-year students, ending with the completion of the Kresge Fine Arts Challenge.
We did it! The Kresge Challenge is history. More than $7 million committed, for the Wentz Concert Hall and Fine Arts Center, in time for the June 30, 2007
On the lawn of the president’s house, there’s a forsythia bush whose spectacular blooms herald the arrival of spring.