North Central College - Naperville, IL

North Central professor's fictional "Charlie Collier" character is a hit with middle-schoolers.
North Central considered one of the best colleges in the nation to work for, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.
North Central ensemble performed at historic venues during summer trip to Ireland.
James and Patricia Brady contribute generously to project that will connect North Central's south campus with Naperville's Riverwalk.
Al and Lila Self donate $1.5 million toward Science Center.
Benna Wilde has fond memories of life on campus.
Members of the North Central family share some of their favorite stories about President Harold R. Wilde.
A look back at some of President Harold R. Wilde's favorite addresses during his 22-year tenure at North Central College.
After twenty-one years on the job, President Harold R. Wilde leaves a legacy of success.
Christopher Carpenter has received worldwide news coverage for his study of the “dark side” of Facebook.