North Central College - Naperville, IL

North Central Alum Mimi Cowan has received a grant to attend the Immigration and Ethnic History Society/Organization of American Historians annual meeting.
North Central Alum Michelle Phillip Junkin has had a successful career as a mixed-media artist in Oklahoma.
North Central Alum Kathy Johnsen Schrenk serves as the secretary of a nonprofit geared toward restoring natural habitats to Yosemite.
North Central Alum Bryant Cobarriubias has a successful business running a game and recreation shop for children.
North Central Alum Jeremy Gudauskas has been promoted to the assistant dean of students at North Central College.
North Central Alum Jessica Holtz has had a very exciting and successful career as gymnastics coach in Aurora, IL.
A first-ever European tour to Rome, Venice and Florence March 16-24 gave North Central’s Concert Choir an immersion in musical history and tradition.
Joe Birkett ’77 in December was sworn in as a justice of the 2nd District Appellate Court in Elgin, IL.
18 North Central students, a professor, and a staff member turn disaster into opportunity when stranded in Berlin, Germany.
North Central College has established a strong, diverse global community, including study abroad opportunities and special events.