North Central College - Naperville, IL
Broadcast Communication major

"My goal is to be a sports reporter for a major network in a major market," says Marc. "I chose North Central because people raved about its radio program and because I wanted to try out the broadcasting field as soon as possible."

Marc learned the tools of the trade first in radio, then TV. "I feel you need to know all aspects of broadcasting," he explains. At WONC, he started reading traffic reports before working his way up to serving as station manager with his own weekly on-air show.

In TV, Marc landed two sports internships. "I worked at ESPN behind the scenes on Division I college football," he explains. "It was a great way to learn how big college games are produced." His second internship—at Naperville Community Television (NCTV)—led to a paid position as a sports producer in charge of shooting and editing videos for weekly highlights shows. "I wrote and edited scripts and sometimes reported at events," he says. "North Central’s faculty have taught me all I know and were vital in helping me get the internships and job. Now I know this is what I want to do."